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Yucca elephantipess

Code: T2

Agave plant.

Country of origin. Mexico and Guatemala.

Houseplants description. Small trunk-forming arrangement Plant with wide, dark green, Leatherback corms.

Desired lighting, location. Grows well in sun, tolerates the scattered light.

Plant suitable temperature. August in both warm and cool the room during the winter. The minimum temperature in which the plant can survive is 0 degrees.

Watering houseplants. Watered when the soil is dry. If the plant is placed in the winter in a cool room to put on rare.

Fertilization. Houseplant fertilizers during the growing season, residents in two weeks with a diluted fertilizer.

Care. In early spring plants, including stem can be trimmed. In winter, the plant required rest period, it shall be placed in a bright cool room where the temperature is 10-15 degrees. Replant every second or third year in the early spring.

Pests and diseases. Aphids, fluffy and soft José scale.

Other species. Variety "Puck" plants are bright green leaves with a white edge.

Reproduction. Parts of plants in late winter or early spring. Lakstainiem propagated by cuttings in spring or summer cuttings or buds of spring.

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